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Born to a family where the field of art was unheard of, Ami got exposed to the work of digital cameras and photography back in 2004 when she had first attended a small 2-week workshop at SNDT, Mumbai. It was like a match made in heaven – she instantly realised photography was her thing and that she wanted to capture the world through her lenses. She went on to pursue her Diploma in Applied Art in the year 2005 and was titled the ‘Ideal Student’ in her final year in 2008. She wasn’t content with that and soon realised your everyday ‘desk job’ wasn’t meant for her.

She continued her studies and completed her Mastercraftsman Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging from the renowned Shari Academy (2008-2010) before being awarded as the junior Craftsmen in her first year itself. And from there on it was no looking back. Today, she combines here knowledge of Applied Art and Photography to create imaginative, ingenious and artistic images. She utilizes her knowledge in strategically placing her subjects, uses the best of colors and creates perfect frames for those perfect clicks.

Ami Nhawkar is a freelance photographer in Mumbai, working under the banner ANClicks.

Key features of a Virtual Tour:

  1. Virtual tour is a feature that helps extend photography beyond conventional boundaries.
  2. It puts together a number of images and the possibility of viewing an area/home from a single or multiple points inside and outside of the area/home.
  3. It also enable you to move in different rooms and view every detail of the area by easy zoom-in and zoom-out features with auto rotate option.
  4. One can put company logos and give clients the full view of the property at the conveyance of sitting in the comfort of your office.
  5. Virtual tour can also be used to make archives of Historic areas and company projects in digital formats.
  6. Virtual tour files can be uploaded on websites, sent across as an email attachment or be viewed in a movie format as well.
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